Preparing For Your Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

The thought of your marriage falling apart and ending up in a courtroom can be a lot to deal with. However, sometimes a divorce can be the start of something new in your life. If you’ve opted to hire a divorce attorney to help you with your case, then you’re going to want to be fully prepared. Even if you’re not looking to fight your spouse on anything, having a legal representative to guide you through the process is ideal for learning your rights, and handling the divorce in the most amicable way possible.

What to Bring to a Consultation Appointment

In order to help the process go as efficient as possible, you’ll want to gather a few things to bring with you to your initial consultation. Some of these things include a list of questions you may have, a copy of any domestic contracts you have, copies of tax returns, total household income, your educational and employment background, names and ages of children shared with your spouse, and dates or events that happened in the marriage such as separations, reconciliation, or counseling attempts.

Share Your Story

After going over the information you’ve provided, your divorce attorney should offer you the space to share your side of the story. During this time you can explain where things went wrong, how that has affected you, and what you expect to get as a result of the divorce. Be sure to give as many details as possible that will help your attorney best determine the right course of action.

Providing You With Options

After reviewing the information you supplied and listening to your story, your chosen divorce attorney should be able to provide you with some options. A good lawyer should point out what the strengths and weaknesses are in proving your side, and help you to make a decision that is best for yourself and your family.

While no one wants to see their marriage end, having a legal representative who is familiar with family laws in your state is the right decision. Most people don’t anticipate on a messy divorce or custody battle, but sometimes, when wrapped up in emotion, it’s the obvious outcome. An attorney can help by providing third party advice on the next steps you should take to secure your future. For more information on divorce attorneys in your area, visit