Lawyers for Filing Car Accident Claims

I was involved in a car accident a month and a half ago, and initially I did not think I was hurt very badly during the accident. I went to the hospital as a precaution, but they released me shortly thereafter. However, since then, I have had a lot of neck pain, and I went to the doctor. At the doctor’s office, it was discovered I had multiple small fractures in my neck. I am going to look into car accident claims because I think that I have a legitimate case for compensation right now, considering the extent of my neck pain, and who knows how long it is going to take before it is fully healed and I am back to feeling normal.

I do hope that it will not take me very long until I am fully healed, but right now I am not sure, and the doctor could not say for sure how long it would take. It is not clear how well my neck injuries are going to heal on their own, because they were not immediately identified after the wreck. So that complicates matters a bit, and they might have to go in and do surgery at some point in the future, if it turns out that things are not healing correctly.

I am not sure how likely that is, but it is a scary possibility. That is why I want to file a claim for personal injury, just to make sure that I will be covered for all of my possible future medical expenses, along with the expenses that I have already accrued regarding this injury. I think that it is only just that I receive some sort of money for this accident, since the driver of the other car was breaking a few laws when they caused said accident.

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